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You can contact us in several ways. We are available by phone at 032976737 or in writing by email at Do you have a specific question or comment? Then use the form below. Do you wish to make an appointment? You can view our availability and make an appointment online immediately.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you would like our assistance or advice, you should always make an appointment for a first consultation. Consultations are by appointment only. You choose whether you want a consultation in the office or online. This can be done very simply via our appointment module. During the first consultation, the lawyer will be able to answer your questions and advise you. If you wish, you can open a file after the first consultation. When opening a file, a mandate agreement is concluded so that you are perfectly aware of the operation of the office as well as the rates that we charge. When opening a file, you will receive a file number from us.

This can be done very simply online via our appointment module at the following link Make an appointment-Samir Baki Law Firm.

The office is located at Gallifortlei 70, 2100 Antwerp, near the CM and the main post office in Deurne.

For a route planning by car you can click on the following link:

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There is ample parking available near the office. The first 2 hours of parking are free with a parking disc.

For a route planning by public transport you can click on the following link:

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Easily accessible via train station Antwerpen-Centraal.

Public transport line (s):

Tram line: 10 (Wijnegem – P+R Schoonselhof) and 8 (Zuid-Schotensesteenweg) get off at Stop(s): Gallifortlei.

Bus lines: 410 (Antwerp-Wijnegem-Malle-Beerse-Turnhout) and line 33 (Hoboken – Wilrijk – Merksem – Ekeren) get off at Stop(s): Gallifortlei.

When you get off at the gallifortlei stop, the Gallifortlei is located in a side street of the Turnhoutsebaan. A large post office is located at the beginning of the Gallifortlei.


The account number of the law firm is BE89 6300 6869 8085 (BIC: BBRUBEBB). 

The third-party account of the law firm is BE58 6300 6523 4579 (BIC: BBRU be BB).

The payments of the cost and fee statements by the client or client are made to the following account number: BE89 6300 6869 8085. You can always indicate the structured communication or your file number when paying so that we know who has paid.

The cost varies depending on the type of case and its complexity.

It is usually impossible to determine in advance the final cost of a case because it depends on uncontrollable and unknown criteria: appeal, opposition, cassation, number of conclusions, letters, travel, costs, etc. Providing an advance estimate of the final bill is impossible in most cases, as each case is different.

For a first consultation, including an assessment of your problem, proposed approach, and advice, you will pay 75.00 euros.

The rates applied by the office can be consulted on the page Rates-Samir Baki Law Firm. You can also download the standard agreement there.

The firm's preferred areas of practice are corporate law, liability law and contract law, but it is also prepared to assist with numerous other legal issues in immigration law, family law and criminal law. There will be services granted to both individuals and companies.

Most cases we handle are fee-based. However, the law firm also regularly handles pro bono cases for individuals who cannot afford an attorney. In these cases, consideration is given to the composition of your household or dependents and the total income of all adults. 

However, you must ideally submit an application yourself to the Bureau for Legal Assistance (BLA). It is only when we are actually appointed that we can act completely or partially free of charge.

If you do not want to pay for an initial consultation, or want to avoid the possibility that we may not be able to take your case, resulting in you not having a lawyer to handle your case immediately, you must contact the BJB yourself. The BJB will then appoint a pro bono lawyer if you qualify. A random lawyer from the volunteer list will be chosen by the BJB, making it quite unlikely that we will be appointed.

We can also submit an application ourselves to the BJB to handle the file pro bono after determining in the first consultation that you may be eligible, you have provided us with all supporting documents (completed application form, family composition, and all income certificates), and we are willing to handle the file (pro bono). Only if we submit the application ourselves can you be certain that we will be appointed as your pro bono lawyer.

Whether an application is approved and we accept the file is not known in advance, and there is a significant amount of administration involved. It is possible that the BJB may reject your application or that we may not wish or be able to handle your file (e.g., a matter we do not deal with or when we believe there is no real chance of success in a procedure). These are all factors you need to consider. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us.

Bring all relevant documents and information related to your case, such as contracts, correspondence, and ID.

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