General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Article 1

Complaints and remarks regarding the statements of expenses and fees sent to the client or client representative must be sent to the law firm by registered letter within ten days of sending the statement.

Article 2

If a provision invoice or a statement of expenses and fees is not paid by the due date, the law firm is entitled to suspend work without notice. The lawyer is not liable for damages resulting from the suspension of work for the aforementioned reason.

Article 3

Each provision invoice and statement of expenses and fees must be paid within ten days of dispatch, failing which the unpaid amount, without requiring a formal notice, will be increased by an interest of 10% per year and a flat-rate compensation of 10% with a minimum of 50.00 euros. Only when the client is a consumer will the penalty clause be reciprocal, and the consumer will also have the right to a flat-rate compensation of 10%. In the case of multiple persons as client(s) and/or client representative(s), each of them is jointly liable for the payment of the outstanding balance, as well as the interests and compensation for late payment.

Article 4

In case of dispute regarding the statement of expenses and fees, only the regulations of the Bar Association and Belgian legislation are applicable, and only the courts of the location of the registered office of Advocatenkantoor Samir Baki are competent. However, Advocatenkantoor Samir Baki remains entitled to summon at the client's residence, or to summon at its registered office at 2100 Antwerp, Gallifortlei 70.

Article 5

The liability of the law firm or the lawyer is limited to the amount paid out by the professional liability insurer. If the insurer does not cover the damage, the compensation for a professional error of the lawyer is limited in principal, costs, and interest to an amount of 2,500.00 euros.

Article 6

The law firm or the lawyer commits, in all cases and without exception, only to an obligation of means and does not promise a result.