Information obligations

1. Information about your lawyer and his office 

You entrust your case to Mr. Samir BAKI, who acts in the name and on behalf of the law firm. Mr. Samir BAKI is a lawyer in Belgium and is registered at the bar of lawyers of the province of Antwerp. The office of Mr. Samir BAKI is located at 2100 Antwerp, Gallifortlei 70. Consultations are strictly by appointment. Mr. Samir BAKI practices the profession of lawyer in the form of a private limited company or BV. His BV is called Advocatenkantoor Samir Baki. The company number is 0533752101, and the VAT number is BE0533752101. 

He is a member of the Bar of the province of Antwerp. He is obliged to comply with the professional rules and duties imposed by the Bar Association. You can download the Codex Bar Province Antwerp at the bottom. 

Mr. Samir BAKI can be reached by phone at (+32)(0)3/297.67.37. The fax number is (+32)(0)3/345.41.37. You can reach Mr. Samir BAKI by email at The account number of the law firm is BE89 6300 6869 8085 (BIC: BBRUBEBB). Payments of the cost and fee statements by the client or client representative are made to this account number. The law firm's third-party account is BE58 6300 6523 4579 (BIC: BBRU BE BB). 

If you wish to obtain further information or if you have a complaint, you can reach Mr. Samir BAKI at the above contact details. The client agrees that for specific assignments, the lawyer may call upon other lawyers or employees to execute his assignment. 

The professional liability of Mr. Samir BAKI is insured with AMLIN Europe NV via Vanbreda Risk & Benefits with policy number LXX034899 for an amount of 2,500,000.00 € under the first rank professional liability policy. 

2. Scope of services 

You can consult Mr. Samir BAKI for the following general services related to the practice of law: 

  • Providing legal assistance in both judicial and extrajudicial, amicable, or administrative procedures; 
  • Providing written and oral advice; 
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts; 
  • Assistance in negotiations, amicable settlements, or transactions; 
  • Representation in court, for example, initiating a procedure before a court or tribunal as a plaintiff or conducting a defense as a defendant or accused, applying a legal remedy, pleading before courts, appearing on behalf of a party as an agent, etc.; 
3. Tariffs, applicable law and disputes 

You can consult the rates charged by the office on the rates page. You can also download the standard agreement there.

 Belgian law applies. The courts of the place of the registered office of Advocatenkantoor Samir Baki are competent to hear all disputes related to the execution of the contract between the law firm and the client(s) and/or client representative(s). 

Parties prefer to settle their disputes amicably.