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Debt collection


Debt collection involves the collection of outstanding claims or invoices.

It usually makes little sense to wait for your bad and doubtful debtors to pay voluntarily.

Various companies, both large and small, national and international, have already successfully used our services for debt collection. As lawyers, we can offer much more to your business than a collection agency ever could.

In addition to sending reminders to debtors, we will immediately proceed with a summons to the competent court in case of late payment. We will represent your business in court. Your case will be handled from start to finish (from amicable procedure to forced execution) by our law firm.

We can agree on interesting terms regarding costs and fees.

In most cases, the full principal amount of the claim can be recovered, without any additional cost to your business, as the losing party is ordered to pay court costs and legal fees (and possibly damages and legal or conventional interests in accordance with the law or general terms).

The law firm can also draft or adjust your company's general terms and conditions, as well as all your contracts (with clients, suppliers, landlords, employees, contractors, etc.) and provide professional advice.

The law firm guarantees a fast and effective collection of outstanding debts.

You can come to us for the following services, among others:

  • Putting your bad and doubtful debtors in default
  • On request, we conduct a solvency investigation
  • Providing a tax certificate if the debtor proves insolvent after investigation
  • Collecting your invoices quickly and inexpensively
  • Conducting a CUD procedure (Collection of Undisputed Debts) for undisputed claims
  • Summoning to court for the collection of your unpaid invoices