The Court of Cassation made a ruling in a case with file number C.21.0150.N regarding the application of the Brussels Ibis Regulation. Dated April 28, 2022, this case involves a claim for payment of an invoice for goods delivered prior to the opening of an insolvency procedure. The claimant, established in an EU Member State, had filed a claim against a debtor for whom an insolvency procedure had been opened in another EU Member State.
Belgian legislation underwent an important development on 1 June 2023 with the publication of the law of 4 May 2023 in the official journal. This law introduces a Central Register of administrative prohibitions, intended to combat fraud and other undesirable behavior by preventing…
In a cassation judgment of september 28, 2023 (no. C. 23. 0043.N) the Court of Cassation annulled a decision of the Ghent Court of appeal of 5 september 2022 and referred the case to the Antwerp court of Appeal. The dispute concerned the deadline to increase…
From september 1, 2023, an important reform of insolvency law will come into force in Belgium. This reform is the result of the transposition of a European directive aimed at harmonising insolvency law at European level. The reform has multiple objectives, including…


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