It is usually impossible to determine in advance the final cost of a case because it depends on uncontrollable and unknown criteria: appeal, opposition, cassation, number of conclusions, letters, travel, costs, etc. Providing an advance estimate of the final bill is impossible in most cases, as each case is different.

For a first consultation, including an assessment of your problem, proposed approach, and advice, you will pay 75.00 euros.

Afterward, you decide freely whether to continue using our services. If desired, we will make concrete agreements with you regarding our expenses and fees. At the first consultation, a mandate agreement is signed at the opening of each file, and you will receive a file number and an advance invoice. You can download the mandate agreement and the rules for our office operation below.

The office works with advance invoices and settlements. Provisions are requested to spread the costs and fees according to each client's possibilities. An advance invoice is received beforehand, before any services and costs. A settlement, however, is sent after the delivery of services and costs. Paid provisions will be deducted from the settlement. To avoid surprises, you will receive interim settlements during the procedure, detailing all services and costs for the concerned billing period.

Since January 1, 2008, in certain cases, a significant portion of the fees can be recovered from the losing party as the court generally orders that party to pay a litigation fee. The amount of this fee is legally determined and depends on the value of the dispute.

You may have legal insurance without knowing it. Legal insurance is often included in a civil liability insurance policy, fire insurance, family insurance, etc. Check with your insurance broker. If you have legal insurance, you always have the choice of your lawyer. In this case, the insurer will pay all the lawyer's costs and fees directly.


The statement of costs and fees of a lawyer can contain three elements: a) court costs and expenses, b) the lawyer's costs, and c) the fee. The services of the law firm are subject to 21% VAT. The amounts mentioned for costs and fees are exclusive of VAT. 

1. Expenses and court costs :

Court costs and expenses are the costs that the lawyer has had to or will have to pay for the client to third parties, such as the bailiff, the registry, translators, and public authorities. These costs are precisely and detailedly listed in the statement of costs and fees. Court costs and expenses must be paid in advance by the client. They are not advanced by the lawyer. As long as these costs are not paid, the lawyer may suspend his services and not proceed further. Court costs may possibly be recovered in whole or in part from the losing opposing party.

2. The office costs :

  • File opening / one-time only € 150,00
  • Outgoing letters (mail, fax, email) / per page € 10,00
  • Registered mail / 1st page € 15,00
  • Additional page / per page € 10,00
  • Sent email / per message € 5,00
  • Received e-mail / per message € 3,00
  • Scanned document / per document € 3,00
  • Travel expenses / per km € 0,50
  • Searches in the National Register € 12,50
  • Cost of each reckoning € 30,00
  • Copy and black-and-white printing / per page € 0,30
  • Copy and printing in colour and photos / per page € 0,90
  • Cost of conclusion/other procedure piece / per page € 30,00
  • Phone call / per call (in and out) € 3,00
  • Phone costs towards foreign contries / per call € 10,00

3. The fee:

The fee is the compensation for the time spent by the lawyer on the services provided. The fee is calculated as follows: The services provided by Mr. Samir BAKI are charged at a basic rate of €125.00 per hour excluding 21% VAT with possible adjustment factors based on urgency, specialty, significance, difficulty, and result.


Other calculation methods are also possible:

  • Calculation of fees on a flat-rate basis
  • Calculation of both fees and costs on a flat-rate basis
  • Fees and expenses only, without office costs
  • Calculation based on a percentage or value rate, with a minimum rate
  • Subscription fees and other arrangements, with a minimum rate
  • It is always possible to partially take into account the result